Many people in the community presume that receiving care within your home is beyond their financial means. However, there are many different options you can choose from for example:

Public Funding

You may eligible to receive assistance with funding your care from the Government. You as a member of your community have the right to request a free care assessment from your local Social Services department. This can include financial assessment to see if you are eligible to receive support with the costs of your care.

Direct Payment

Direct payment can be another option you may be offered by your local Social Services. If this option is chosen you will receive monetary payments by your local council directly to your account so that you are able to organise and pay for your own care service. This type of funding option is designed to support you to remain living at home, encouraging independence and social inclusion in areas such as employment, education and leisure activities.

To find out if you are eligible you should contact your local Social Services, who will then send a social worker they will assess you to see if you need care/assistance provided. You can then contact any care agency you prefer then pay them directly.

This option also allows you to addextra payment to your direct payment, so you can choose your own care plan and the timings. This is more flexible also convenient.

Private funding

For any reason if you are noteligible for public funding or may want to fund your own care privately, this is an option perfect for you. This option may become very time consuming, overwhelming however, you are able to control your own finances and know exactly what care is needed by you or the service user.